Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Science fair project – it’s time to experiment

The students of 2nd ESO and Year 7 have begun experimenting on their chosen projects. So far we have students who have started their tests to find out:

  • ·         Which drinks stain our teeth the most?
  • ·         Does the temperature of a lemon affect how much electricity it can produce?
  • ·         Does the acidity of orange juice change depending on how we store it?
  • ·         Is the “5 second rule” (when we drop food on the floor) a myth?
  • ·         Where are there more germs in our school?
 What do you think the answers will be?

Today two of our 2nd ESO students were working their microbiology skills to take samples of bacteria and grow them on agar using aseptic techniques: