Monday, 19 October 2015

We create our reality

"Scientific studies show that the decision making areas of the human brain aren't fully developed until the age of 25". "So then we have an excuse for this". "Factory installed".

You are in class staring at the whiteboard. How is it that you see it? It's light reflecting from its surface and falling into your eye. You know this because if you switch the light off, you stop seeing the whiteboard. Now, light is apparently made of little particles called "photons". These photons enter your retina and generate electrical impulses inside your brain, this electrical signal somehow creates the image you are experiencing of the whiteboard.

So, if you followed this, you might realize that what you see, is actually CREATED in your brain from the information that the photons give it. Your brain is creating the whiteness of the whiteboard, the shape, the blue ink of the notes that the teacher writes, even the meaning of the words written!

This fascinating talk takes us through the consequences of this amazing fact, if the brain creates our reality, then it becomes hugely important to take care of the brain. A top level neuroscientists tells us why we should seek challenges but avoid stress, why teenagers are bad desicion makers and what we can do to nurture our brain. This is done in the first half (25min).

The rest of the talk focuses on the act of meditation and what neourlogy can tell us about its benefits for the brain.

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