Friday, 3 November 2017


In environmental we are doing a campaign to reduce plastic use, we are called the #NOPLASTIC team and we would like it if you could help us. This subject has already been mentioned many times in our school, but sadly very few people listen or do anything to improve this. That is why we are trying to reduce plastic use ourselves and also persuade other people to do it to. That is how we got the idea of putting an article about this in the newsletter.

We think people should try to reuse or reduce the amount of plastic they consume since it is
extremely bad for nature, it takes a very long time to disintegrate. Experts have investigated this
subject and have observed that the amount of plastic has increased by a large quantity over recent

Why should we reduce plastic?

One of the main reasons to reduce plastic is the fact that there is now about 5 plastic islands
in the world in the ocean. This is an extremely bad situation because there is more pollution
and more fish are dying. One of the plastic islands is situated in the north part of the Pacific Ocean,
and the Caribbean Sea is not as perfect as we thought is was, some zones are now full of rubbish
and you can hardly believe it is the same Caribbean you see in the photos on our previous blog post.

Another mayor issue is that plastic takes a very long time to disintegrate and with the
massive quantity of plastic we use per year we will have too much plastic on Earth . An
everyday grocery bag takes 10-20 years , a plastic bottle takes 450.

How to reduce plastic:

A really basic way of trying to reduce plastic is to not get the plastic bags that they offer in the
super market, one of these bags takes 10 years to disintegrate.

We are Gabriela Herrera, Abril Marlí, Julia Barragán, Lucia, Carlotta Erroz, and we say #NOPLASTIC !!!

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