Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Eco-Committe 2017/18

In the first term we came up with a list of all the projects pupils and Miss Gurney suggested for the year, here is the evaluation of that list! 

We did even more than what was on the list.. and if you look through the blog you can see the extra projects on top of these, like sharing environmental news each week, and the seed / cake exchange.


- great poster

The posters are made and laminated ready to go up all over the school in September

- blue planet clip to share with everyone

Here is the clip we watched

- yoghurt pots in the kitchen? One wednesday this term they didn't use them

We have only seen them NOT using yoghurt pots once, and kitchen staff said that it didn't work very well economically. tbc...

- sign petitions from Greenpeace

We receive newsletters from Greenpeace and shared a petition on the Change Happens blog 

- Raise awareness among parents / AMPA / teachers

We shared information on our campaign in the newsletter, but there is more work to do!

- make art from rubbish

- upcylcing workshops

We haven't done upcycling yet, but we had a great workshop from Aimee Van Vliet, a sustainability entrepreneur.

- collect rubbish from around the school to recycle it

Some students from 2ºESO took charge of this project, they made a video to show what they were doing, but sadly in the video they put the rubbish in the wrong bin so we decided not to publish it.

- offer reusable bags outside school in case people need a bag

An idea from the students that needs to be tested for viability

- talk to primary/ secondary / batx about plastic reduction

A group of 1º and 2º ESO students visited classes to share information about the #noplastic campaign

- cake sale lids pay for the cakes!

This idea developed into the seeds for cakes exchange!

- no disposable cups in the school dining room

  1. We haven't seen disposable cups in the dining room for many months! And are pleased to see paper cups in the staff room as an alternative to the plastic ones.


- experiments and make a video p.98/99 // testing air quality

The group borrowed equipment from E+S and did the experiments suggested! They didn't have time to make the video though

- campaign to reduce car use / posters about air pollution 

The group in charge of this campaign made an infographic, which was shared with 1º and 2º ESO pupils and with parents via the newsletter. They made a poster showing the steps of the campaign as we were following a strategy from E+S

- questionnaire about how people travel

As an indicator about how the campaign worked two 2ºESO pupils prepared a questionnaire and gave everyone in 1º and 2º ESO the chance to fill it in. Sadly only 8 people (6 from Environmental EP and 1 teacher) filled it in. The results showed that no one changed their behaviour as a result of our campaign.


- Eco-committee meeting


- Ecosia search engine

Miss Gurney uses it, but we never took it to a bigger level

- weather station

Still not set up due to timetabling issues

- blog thursdays

Luis Palau got this started and we will carry on next year

- insect hotel

still to investigate!

For the last three see this blog post!!
- tree guilds on the roof

Yes!! (can be improved)
- trees from seeds

Yes!! The apple trees - but they got eaten...
- grow veg on the roof


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