Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Do people use their Boc´n Rolls and water bottles?


Do a survey on how many people are using their boc-n-rolls and reusable bottles

With the results decide whether we need to inform people about what they are doing to

help save resources.


The following results are based on 31 1º and 2º ESO students asked on 6th June 2019.

We can see with our results that less than 40% of the people who answered use their boc-n-rolls,
and 25% of them don’t know what it is. We also see that more than 70% don’t use their
reusable water bottles, but more than 70% believe that they should use their boc-n-roll and
reusable water bottle more often.


We need to find ways to get people to use them! Some participants commented that
they don’t use the water bottles because there is nowhere / not enough places to fill
them up at school.

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