Friday, 16 May 2014

Family Day 2014 in the Science labs

To Oak House School family day 2014!!!

Have you been to the Science labs yet?
Look at the Torre and look right and there we are! Come and see us!

In Drosophila, on the right, we have work that has been presented by our 1st and 2nd ESO students, both in their Science classes and their enrichment afternoons. Also lots of cool experiments for you to try, even the Van der Graaf (shocking!)

In Gaudí, in the middle, we have robots, models, bridges and bizarre applications of physics. This is work presented by 2nd ESO and 4th ESO technology and 4th ESO Physics students.

On the right we have Marie Curie. Outside, where it's hopefully shady, you will find the poster presentations for the first ever Oak House School Science Fair. Have a look, decide the winner and learn some cool Science. Inside you will discover lots of things to interact with and to learn from. Also there will be demonstration experiments every half an hour as follows:

Exploding bubbles
Burning Money
Flour bomb

Come and see us, have a chat and see some Science!!

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