Thursday, 15 May 2014

Have the Americans finally realised what they are doing?

I happened across this link and when I opened it I first thought

as a teacher: "This will be great for my Environmental Management class and next year's IB ESS".
then as a person: "Wow, the Americans do know what they are doing after all and still doing nothing about it!"
then as a Dad: "Boy, what sort of a mess have we left for my kids to deal with?"

This website is very slick and represents the evidence for global warming and climate change very well. I challenge any climate sceptic to read this and not be swayed. But reading it leaves me with a sense of despair, what can we do to change this?

I listen to lots of different podcasts on this issue. Some are saying we can do nothing while others are saying we must leave all of our fossil fuels in the ground unburned and write off their value (that'll be a fun debate!). Whatever the solution we have a mammoth task ahead of us!!

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