Thursday, 9 October 2014

Another year of Science in Oak House School

Here in the Oak House School Science department we offer a large number of Science subjects, at many different levels and in two languages. In the primary school they follow the British national curriculum, whereas in secondary we combine the requirements of the ESO (Educación Secundaria Obligatoria) system with the rigours of the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). Our students sit their IGCSE Combined Science exam in 3rd ESO to ensure they all have the same grounding in Science before continuing on (either in Science or elsewhere). In 4th ESO the students can finish their ESO system Sciences in Catalan.  Some students also choose to study the subject Environmental Management for IGCSE in both 3rd and 4th ESO. 
After ESO, comes Bachillerato and now the newly begun IB program. Both of these programs run side by side with the IB offering those students, who have plans to study abroad, the chance to study their desired subjects in English.
In Bachillerato we offer Biologia, Química and Física as well as Cièncias del món contemporani and Cièncieas de la terra i medioambient.
In the IB we offer Biology, Chemistry and Physics from Group 4 with the addition of Environmental Systems and societies.
Our school also has a comprehensive approach to environmental issues concerning the School and this is coordinated in-house. The school has been given a silver award by the Eco-Schools organisation. 

Science within Oak House is taught to a very high level by a dedicated and professional team of teachers who want to share their passion for all things Science!!!

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