Thursday, 20 November 2014

The slow mo guys! (Click here for their youtube channel)

Hi everyone! This is my first contribution to the blog and hopefully not the last.

Have you ever heard that space and time are related? Well, this is true on many levels, today I wanted to get you thinking about this, A MICROSCOPE IS TO SPACE WHAT A SLO MOTION CAMERA IS TO TIME! When you look at stuff through a microscope you get to see all the details of spacial structure, similarly, when you look at events in slo motion you see all the details of the time-structure.

So today I wanted to introduce you to a great youtube channel called "The slo mo guys". It's title is pretty accurate, there's two guys and they have a slo motion camera (confusingly, slo motion cameras are actually hi speed, think about it!). They think of cool stuff to film on slo mo and then hang them on their channel. There's water ballons, fire, footballs, bullets underwater... you name it!

If your are taking physics 4th ESO or Bach you will get to study some of these in class!

Here's one of my favourite videos, can you explain why the big bubbles form? And why the expand and contract?

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