Monday, 4 November 2013

Oak house School Science Fair

In the spirit of Scientific research, Oak House School is proudly launching its first ever Science Fair this week (November 4th 2013).

The idea is that students, working individually or in pairs, pick an area of novel research and spend the next 5 months collecting results and drawing conclusions. This research can be within any of the areas of Science and technology and will ideally have some form of a practical nature.

If you're deciding on a project, ask yourself......
"what do I want to know?" or "what would I like to solve?" 

The participants will need to present a five minute video of their research and findings by March 30th. The best five in each category will then present their projects in person at family day where the winners will be judged.

The prizes, which will be fabulous, will be presented some time in May (watch this space).

The Science staff are available for any advice and ideas you might need.

Good luck with your research!!!

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