Monday, 4 November 2013

The Age of the PODCAST

As a Science buff I love all things Science but have no real time anymore for reading articles or watching Science programs on TV. A few years ago I discovered the Podcast (radio programs that are recorded and available on itunes and other sources). Yes, I know, I must have been living under a rock but I also rediscovered my love of Science.

I have examined lots of podcasts (Science and otherwise) to find the ones that I found most entertaining, manageable for my tired brain and interesting and these are the three Science podcasts I would highly recommend and why:

Scientific American's 60 Second Science

A different topic of relevant, up to date Scientific research boiled down to 60 seconds. It can be a bit dense and requires some concentration but is really interesting. The team that deliver this also put a bit of humour in the make it more digestible. I have learned some interesting Science fact from this.

The Science Weekly Podcast from The Guardian

This is around 30 minutes long with interviews and reviews of the latest Science. Here the Science is far more digestible and presented in a witty and entertaining way. You get an idea from this podcast of the rigours a scientist will face within his/her career. Excellent stuff.

The Naked Scientists

This is an hour long. Each show is themed but also has the latest news (the bit I prefer). It has interviews which can sometimes be a bit too in depth (depending on your level of both attention and knowledge). The humour is very Science geek (which can turn milk sour) but the Science is excellent. All of the back catalogue is available from iTunes so hours and hours of Science. Very useful if you are going for a long walk or re-painting your apartment. The kitchen science segment is also great!

Ted Talks

These are audio and video talks given on a range of subjects by very famous people. The overall message in these talks is to see where we are now and what can we do to improve in an environmentally, socially, scientifically and holistically sustainable way. Amazing people with some amazing ideas. Inspiring stuff!

Let us know if you encounter any other interesting Science-type podcasts.
Happy listening!!

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