Monday, 21 October 2019

Enviro news this week...

Could cricket and worm burgers save the planet?

We don’t need to create carbon dioxide emissions to take care of the worms and every thing they eat is converted into protein!

Read the news article here!

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Enviro news this week!

This news is about how Spain is accusing Portugal of stealing the water from “their” river.

See the full report here

Monday, 7 October 2019

Environmental news this week...

This explains how Greta is influencing climate strikes and work is actually doing something, and that hopefully and eventually this will get solved.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Earth Action Week at Oak House School

Last week 23 - 27 September was a Global Week of Action for the climate. Across the school we did activities such as watching videos, making signs for climate, and wearing green t-shirts. 

Climate and the Living World really were the topics of the week and we were pleased that so many students and teachers got involved in the conversation. 

Here are some pictures from the week, and the question we are left with is "What do we do next?" 

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

EARTH ACTION WEEK : What can you do?

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday can you please
spend 5 - 10 minutes on Earth Action Week? You will
receive short reminder emails
at 8:55 each day with info for that day.
Please help keep environmental issues in the conversation
during the week, and share interesting articles with students
and peers. We also need a few teachers to come to Maragall
at 14:30 to help make signs, and keep reminding everyone
about green t-shirts on Friday!
If you want to be involved come to a make signs at 14:30
Thursday 26th Sept, we need helpers! Also please bring in
coloured markers/crayons and USED CARD that can be reused
to make signs. Also please remind your tutors and
bring up conversations about our living world with your friends
and teachers. You can send me interesting articles and videos

El lunes, miércoles y viernes puedes estar 5 - 10 minutos
en Earth Action Week. Recibiras un email corto a las 8:55 cada
día con la info para ese día. 
Por favor, ayúdanos por hablar de temas del medioambiente
durante la semana y compartir artículos interesantes con
alumnos y compañeros. También hace falta profes para venir a
Maragall el jueves a 14:30 para ayudar con los posters.
Y acordamos a la gente para llevar camiseta verde el viernes.
Si quereis apoyar Earth Action Week hay una reunión
el jueves 26 sept a 14:30 necesitamos colaboradores! También
traer marcadores y “crayons” de colores y cartón USADO para
RE-USAR. Además podéis acordar a los tutores y
compartir info y videos para el blog con

EARTH ACTION WEEK - info completo CAST

Información completo día por día (ESO and IB/BATX)


Full information day by day! (ESO and IB/BATX)

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


We will be taking small actions each day next week to get people talking about the climate crisis and the ecological collapse and what possible solutions there are!

More info soon!

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Environmental News this week...

First ICESat-2 Global Data Released

More than a trillion new measurements of Earth’s height – blanketing everything from glaciers in Greenland, to mangrove forests in Florida, to sea ice surrounding Antarctica – are now available to the public. With millions more observations added each day, data from NASA’s Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 is providing a precise global portrait of elevation and will allow scientists to track even the slightest changes in the planet’s polar regions. This satellite is all sow used to track cracking ice.

 ICESat-2 will be able to measure the shift in annual elevation across the ice sheet to within a fraction of an inch. To do this, the satellite uses a laser altimeter – an instrument that times how long it takes light to travel to Earth’s surface and back. With that time – along with the knowledge of where in space ICESat-2 is, and where on Earth the laser is pointing – computer programs create a height data point. The data is originally processed at NASA Goddard, then turned into advanced data products that researchers will be able to use to study elevations across the globe.

ICESat-2 data products are now available for free from the National Snow and Ice Data Center at

Thanks Pol for the post!!