Monday, 19 June 2017

This is Miguel, Daniela, Bruno and Angel. This is the information for the No Waste Day:

We looked at the results for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and saw that on what we wasted on Wednesay was about 200-300 kW less than normally. Here are the numbers:
Monday: 1357kW
Tuesday: 1521kW
Wednesday: 1157kW

This a reduction in electricity use of 20%!!

After this we did an average between the numbers of Monday and Tuesday and used this to do an average on what we use every month in school. Then we did the same with the amount of energy we used on Wednesday. We concluded that on a normal month we waste 8576.9 kW more than in a month where we would have all no waste days. 

A month with all No Waste Days would waste: 35192.083kW
A normal month would waste: 43769.583kW

What next???