Monday, 22 May 2017

We are writing to you to inform about a recent project we have been working on as part of the Environmental Enrichment Group.
 As you might have seen or will see, around the school there are posters about 'No Waste Day', a day when we will all cooperate to consume less electricity in the school, and try not to waste anything at all for the whole day! The project is to find ways of consuming less energy and water in the school to help the environment. We asked the school office for data and saw that our school consumes a lot of electricity. We want to look at the amounts of what we consume and compare it to some days were we're all aware about consuming less.

We've decided that a great way of helping the environment and consuming is by doing this 'No Waste' campaign were we're all fully aware and try to use less amount of electricity. This way we can compare NO WASTE DAY with normal consuming days.

NO WASTE DAY is tomorrow, the 24th May!

Thank you very much for cooperating with us by talking about the day and remembering to consume only what you need!!

Miguel, Angel, Bruno and Daniella

Thursday, 11 May 2017

We are ready to start planting!

The roof garden is all set up and we have the tools! Today it rained for most of the afternoon, but next week we hope to get some plants and seeds in the ground!!