Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Is it time for the electric car?

I received a link from one of my students (thanks Bruno) about the plan to introduce electric cars into a Chinese city in order to tackle the awful air pollution they have there.

To read the full article (in Spanish) go here!!

So is it time for other cities to do the same? In China it is Shanghai that are leading this initiative with electric cars being made very much affordable compared to their pollution causing counterparts.....but what about Barcelona for example, we have an air pollution issue here too due to the large volume of traffic (though not on the same scale as Chinese cities). Now the infrastructure is being put into place with charging points throughout the city but what about beyond? Will we now have battery changing stations in place of the common petrol station? And what about battery technology....at the moment the battery takes up most of the mass of the car and they can only get you a limited distance before they need to be fully re-charged....

You'll notice I'm asking a lot of questions whilst giving no real answers but this is the debate that is currently raging over the future of transport and the dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, particularly petroleum...What's you position? Read more and find out for yourself!

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