Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Antarctic glacier melt is unstoppable

Scientists have been researching into Earth’s Global Warming for a long time. They say that the ice collapse could raise all the Earth's sea levels by more than 4 meters. This means that cities like Barcelona could disappear if this continues; however, they now say it’s unstoppable! Scientists says they are on an irreversible path to melting and that it’s impossible to stop it.

On May 16, Ian Joughin of the University of Washington in Seattle, who used simulations to show  the Thwaites and Haynes Glaciers in the same region, said that they may melt  in the next 200 to 900 years. Once this started, the glaciers could raise sea levels by 0.6 meters and start the melt of the rest of the continent’s ice sheet, which could add another 3 to 4 meters to the world's oceans.

This was written by a students of 3rd ESO Combined Science

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