Friday, 1 April 2016

IGCSE Combined Science

3rd ESO sit one of their IGCSEs in preparation for the many IGCSEs they will sit in 4th ESO.
This exam is in Combined Science. This subject looks at the fundamental aspects of the three Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Studying for Combined Science and sitting the external IGCSE exam gives our students a great foundation from which they can build on in subsequent years of scientific study.

As part of the syllabus and exam procedure, students must prepare to sit a 1.5 hour practical exam in which they have to carry out three experiments in each of the three Sciences. In preparation for this, the students sat a mock (practice) practical exam recently to get used to what an exam like this entails. Some of the students did very well and all of the students have taken some very valuable lessons from this exam.

The actual exam is on Thursday May 12th so wish them luck.

Here are some of the students in action during their mock practical exam.

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