Thursday, 2 February 2017

Litter pick on the Collserola!

Today the Environmental Club teamed up with some IB2 students to clear up rubbish from beside the road behind the school. The activity was organised by Pablo and Quique as a CAS project.

We collected about 13 bags of rubbish and even found part of an old motorbike! - we enjoyed the challenge and found the experience an interesting reflection.. we'd be happy to do it again sometime!

Loads of the rubbish we couldn't collect was building rubble, we didn't expect that bricks, concrete, roofing panels would be the rubbish we found - we wonder if there is a way to finish the job and clear that up too!

Here's a report from Quique:

At Oak House School they encourage all students to be responsible and careful for the environment, ensuring that we develop a social consciousness and that we look after the planet. As a result, some of IB 2 students became very concerned with the current situation of the natural area of Peu del Funicular, situated next to our school. For this reason, we decided to do something about it. We asked Mrs Gurney if her environmental enrichment class wanted to collaborate. 11 students from 1 and 2 eso offered to cooperate with us. When we got to the place, we divided into groups of two and gave out gloves to protect ourselves and plastic bags, which were used to collect all of the rubbish found at Peu del Funicular. The rubbish collected included all types of plastics, construction leftovers, clothes and even car and motorbike components. We are very happy with the final result of the project as we were able to make a difference by cleaning up the area. Apart from cleaning the area, we wanted to show the younger students of our school what the actual situation is, and make them think that if we want to improve the situation we need to work together in order to make a difference.

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