Wednesday, 13 December 2017

One Planet Summit - two years on from signing the Paris Accords

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It is exactly two years since the historic signing of a climate change deal by 196 countries in Paris. All countries agreed to limit their carbon emissions to relatively safe levels.

This week at the One Planet Summit €9 billion in funding has been allocated by the EU for climate action .This action will include funding cleaner energy, making cities more sustainable, and developing better agriculture techniques to create resilient, high-yield farms that provide enough food to keep people alive in the face of climate change.

The World Bank has also announced that it will no longer fund projects to take more gas and oil out of the ground. These non-renewable sources of energy produce large amounts of CO2.

Read more about the 9€ billion fund

Read more about the World Bank stopping support for fossil fuels,

Resultado de imagen de one planet summit

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