Thursday, 8 November 2018

Planting on the Batx / IB roof!

Two IB1 students are running some gardening sessions with students from 2ºESO, after deciding what to plant and planning it, they have planted seeds today...

We planted corn, lettuce, carrots, flowers. We planted corn, lettuce and carrots because they
were all autumn/winter food and so that we could eat it in school as they are healthy. We also
planted flowers because we discovered that if you plant flowers with food the insects will go to
the flowers and not to the food.
Our experience was great, we had a great time planting plants. We enjoyed working in teams
with IB girls, and we learnt how to plant.
Next week we want to see if our plants have grown and if something goes wrong, for example,
they are rotten, we will take the plants out.

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