Thursday, 5 November 2015

First meeting of the Oak House School Environmental Committee (OHSEC)

On Wednesday the 4th of November at 11am when the students normally have their break, these students (see photo) chose to listen to a brief explanation of what the newly formed OHSEC would be doing and what they could do to help. As teachers, we were all pleased by the number of students who turned up and this is an indication of the students concerns in the environmental issues facing us today.

So the next step is assigning different students to different projects and getting these projects underway. 

The projects include:
Environmental assessment of the school
Bachillerato Roof Garden Plan and pre-planting
Energy consumption (electricity & gas)
Recycling (paper,   plastic & other)
Monitoring waste

The uptake of these projects so far has been impressive!

If you are a student and interested in getting involved, then contact your tutor or your Science teacher or email us with your name and the project you are interested in.

A big thank you to all of the students for coming to the meeting and the teachers who passed on the information and whipped up enthusiasm!

Let’s see if we can reduce Oak House School’s ecological footprint!

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