Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Ideas for Environmental Action in 2018


- great poster
- blue planet clip to share with everyone
- yoghurt pots in the kitchen? One wednesday this term they didn't use them
- sign petitions from Greenpeace
- Raise awareness among parents / AMPA / teachers
- make art from rubbish
- upcylcing workshops
- collect rubbish from around the school to recycle it
- offer reusable bags outside school in case people need a bag
- talk to primary/ secondary / batx about plastic reduction
- cake sale lids pay for the cakes!
- no disposable cups in the school dining room


- experiments and make a video p.98/99
- questionnare about how people travel
- testing air quality
- campaign to reduce car use
- posters about air pollution


- Eco-committee meeting
- Ecosia search engine
- weather station
- blog thursdays
- insect hotel
- tree guilds on the roof
- trees from seeds
- grow veg on the roof

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