Wednesday, 7 March 2018

More ideas for collecting seeds and plants to grow...

You can plant garlic straight into the ground!

Garlic is difficult to grow specially because its small time between years. You can only grow it in mid-autumn and beginnings of spring. When it is time to grow you need to place only the big pieces. Because the small ones only take a lot of space and at the end the bulbs is small. So if you bring us some garlic teeth to plant we will give you some cake!

and potatoes!!

Place 3 or for 4 of the potatoes on the soil. Cover them with compost (about 2 inches of compost). Water them. As they grow place some more compost over, covering them. We can plant a potato straight into the ground.. that's an easy way to get some cake!

But the potatoes and garlic must be ORGANIC or they may have been sprayed with chemicals that stop them growing!

And here is a list of loads and loads of different vegetables and fruit you might want to investigate...

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