Thursday, 9 October 2014

Oak House Science Fair

As a means to increase the Scientific research capacity of our students, Oak House School is proudly launching its second Science Fair next week (October 13th).

Last year we had students from both primary and secondary researching their own projects over the course of five months. They then presented a video and a poster (on Family Day) of their project and its results. Winners were selected for both posters and videos in both schools and these were presented to the well deserving winners on prize giving day.

This year, though, will be slightly different. To ensure that all students have the experience of research, (which will be very useful when they undertake their Treball de Recerca in Bachillerato or the Extended essay/internal assessment in IB), we are making the Science Fair project compulsory for all students of year 7 and 2nd ESO. Students from other year groups are invited to participate as well.
Students will work in pairs, selecting a project from a list or devising their own. They will then have until April to carry out relevant research, experimentation and prepare their poster.
In April, there will be a full day in which the students will present their posters and defend their project to other students and parents as well. This is also the day the projects will be judged by the members of the Science department.
Prizes will be presented to the winners on prize giving day again.

Science department members are available for any advice and ideas.

Good luck to all participants!!!

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