Thursday, 23 October 2014

Science around the school

Walking around the school I was struck by the number of scientific objects in open view that we take for granted and that fade into the background. First of all, the most famous scientific object in the school is the wind vane on top of the “Torre”.

 Wind vanes are used to indicate the direction of the wind. It points in the direction from which the wind is blowing. Winds are named after the direction they blow from, so a northerly wind blows from the North. So the wind vane points to the name of the wind. Unfortunately our wind vane doesn’t work anymore. What was the direction of the wind when it stopped working?
Another interesting thing is that the compass points are fixed and these show the orientation of the school in relation to north and south. Interesting in the fact of the number of students I have encountered recently that didn’t know where south was.

Another object of interest is this plaque on the wall outside of the Science labs.

This plaque indicates the height of this position (the central line) above sea level. This measurement has been made by the Institut Cartogràfic I Geològic de Catalunya who also supplied the plaque. On further inspection of this group’s website I encountered this map where if you zoom in on the school it shows the various heights above sea level.  And they seem to disagree! Maybe they need to come back and do another survey or change the plaque!

What other interesting Science objects can you find around the school?

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