Monday, 30 May 2016

3-D TVs are a work in need of progress

The evolution of the new developments in the method of photography known
as holography is making a big progress that three-dimensional television
might be a reality before 1984, as Mr Orwell’s predicted in a novel. If you
don't what's a hologram, a hologram is a recording of an interference pattern
reflected from an object. From this recording, the object can be reconstructed
visually in a three-dimensional form.
Television viewers are still waiting for the 3-D revolution. Although 3-D TVs
went on sale in the United States and elsewhere in 2010, they have yet to
take off. Most of these sets, require to have a special glasses or have limited
viewing angles, and none of them use a holography to create an illusion.

Supplied by Alex M. 3º B

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