Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Could cellphone radiation be a cause of cancer?

Scientists from the U.S national toxicology program have carried out a 25 million study on
rodents to test the link between cancer and excessive exposure to the radiation emitted
from wireless devices(mobile phones,iPads,laptops).They exposed the rodents to different
radiation levels for about nine hours a day while the rats still carried out their every day
activities during their life span of two-years.The results showed that some of this exposure
is associated with the formation of rare cancers in about two cell types in their brain and
heart.It also showed that it varies between sexes as there were more effects were found in
male rats than in female.Ron Melnick,a scientist who helped in the design of the study
states that "earlier studies had never found that this type of radiation was associated with
the formation of these cancers in animals at all. But none of those studies followed as
many animals, for as long or with the same larger intensity exposures".It is still to
determine if humans can suffer from the same effect although The International Agency for
Research on Cancer already classified it as a possible cause for cancer in 2011.While this
is still to be confirmed we can follow safety steps to reduce the risk such as using the
speakerphone,using your phone while it's on a desk,using a wired headset whenever you
can or switching your electrical devices off at night.

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