Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Effects of electromagnetic waves on the biological systems

The electromagnetic spectrum is a combination of different waves that range from more
hazardous, like X-rays or Gamma rays and others that people think don't really affect the
human body negatively: radiowaves or microwaves. Electromagnetic waves are produced
by the motion of electrically charged particles. These waves can travel through a
vacuum, where there are no particles and they can also travel through air or other
In 1935, two scientists, Burr and Northrop, did a study and published the effects of
stable voltage on biological systems. A lot of other scientists found that that stable
voltage gradients led to many drastic changes in the organism, including growth and
local injury. Other studies have shown that these effects were associated with changes
in distribution of ions.
On the one hand, it is very positive that technology has evolved and is innovative, as it
makes life easier, however, it may also involve components that have negative effects. A
discussion about the adverse effects of electromagnetic waves on the biological life has
been going on since the discovery of electricity in the 19th century. Electromagnetic
waves generated by many natural and human-made sources can travel for long distances
and play a very important role in daily life. In particular, the electromagnetic fields in
the radiofrequency zone are used in communications, radio and television, and many
other systems. As there have been so many technological innovations, the use of
electromagnetic fields gradually increases, and by this, people are exposed to
electromagnetic waves at levels much higher than those present in nature.
Particularly, the increasing number of mobile phone users is increasing dramatically, and
is concerning scientists, as it has radiowaves and has damage to people exposed to
these. Since mobile phones are used in positions that are very close to the human body
and require a large number of base station antennas, the public and the scientists have
questions in their mind about the impact of mobile phone networks on health. It is
predicted, that radiowaves in mobile phones have long term effects on human bodies, so
therefore they should be used in positions that are farther away from the body

By Laura C. 3º B

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