Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Electric buses are coming to town (thanks to BYD)

Fossil fuels are running out……

Air pollution in the city of Barcelona is a problem with “areas that consistently show dangerously high levels of air pollution” leading to respiratory problems like asthma and other conditions like heart disease and cancer. Read more about air pollution in Spain here.

So how can we start to fix both of these problems in one solution? 
What are one of the most common vehicles we see on our roads in our city………..? Buses! 
Well let’s make them electric and use alternative sources of energy to charge them! Great!

But wait......, the problem we have with this is the battery technology. Batteries are too big and heavy, take too long to charge and don’t hold their charge for long.

And so in steps the company BYD!

Established in February 1995, BYD Company Limited specializes in IT, automobile and new energy. BYD is the largest supplier of rechargeable batteries in the globe. BYD Auto becomes the most innovative independent national auto brand and leads the field of electric vehicles with unique technologies. In the field of new energy, BYD has developed green products such as solar farm, battery energy storage station, electric vehicle, and LED, etc.

Let’s talk buses….

The BYD eBUS-12 is BYD’s first battery-powered 12-meter pure electric city bus. Powered by a 600AH & 342KWH battery pack, the BYD eBUS-12 has range of 250 km in urban conditions.
The BYD eBUS-12 employs many advanced technologies internally developed and manufactured by BYD, including the Fe battery, motor, controllers, chassis and the body. The perfect combination of both electric technology and traditional bus building technology makes the BYD eBUS economical, safe and give an excellent performance.
The BYD eBUS-12 is equipped with BYD’s newly developed AC on-board charging system. The system is less expensive than the traditional off-board DC charging system and is more convenient to operate. With a charging power of 80kw, it takes only 4 hours to fully recharge the BYD eBUS-12.

And our own beloved TMB were so impressed that they decided to buy a few of them to give them a go.

Thanks to Bruno Vallejo (3rd ESO Blue) for the original article and idea!

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