Friday, 17 January 2014

2nd Cycle ESO Science Enrichment Project

We are now in the middle of the second term of this Science enrichment project and of the 24 enthusiastic students who took part in term one, 13 decided to come back for more!!
“We love the freedom that we have to do what we want in the lab”
was one comment that was made at the end of the first term;
“I enjoy being able to see what we learn in class in a practical setting”
was another comment.

Of course, having 24 students let loose in a lab might frighten the hardiest among us, but every week I am surprised and delighted by the level of interest, enthusiasm and dedication shown by these students.
Projects being developed this term include:
·         The development of a solar powered water purifier.
·         Materials from organic sources including plastics and biogas (which is filling a balloon next to me as I write).
·         The analysis of phage DNA using restriction enzymes.
·         A microbiological analysis of the school environment, (the results of which might be frightening).
….among others.
The students we have show a level of curiosity and dedication which will stand them in good stead for whatever career path they wish to pursue!!

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