Friday, 17 January 2014

Science demonstration videos by 3rd ESO students

As part of our Science enrichment project, three 3rd ESO students, (14 to 15 year olds for those not familiar with the ESO system), chose to film some Science videos which could then be used in class (which I did yesterday!!).

Please enjoy their version of electrolysis, (see if you discover the hidden meaning of the frogs) and the making of a smoking device (which you will see shows that not all Science experiments work as you would like!) (By the way I haven't given the actual name for the second video for fear of getting the undue attention of the NSA but then this might boost our readership).

Let us know what you think??

Thanks to Isabel, Eric and Adriana for the videos!!!

Under no circumstances should you undertake any of these experiments without proper supervision. This students carried out these experiments under supervision and following strict safety protocols.

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