Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cultural week-Secondary Science (1st to 3rd ESO)

As part of their cultural week, students from 1st to 3rd ESO were asked to research, carry out and explain some of the more interesting experiments that can be found in Science. These experiments included a corn flour bomb, exploding bubbles, peculiarities of static electricity and the crushing can experiment.
The idea behind this was to get the students to have a chance of doing these fun experiments, learn the science applications behind them (which are based on material they have already covered in class) and to be able to communicate this information to their peers in a fun way. There was also another agenda to this…..the plan is that these experiments will be demonstrated to you, by these students, on Family day!! We plan to set one of the labs aside as a demonstration area and have a timetable of events planned.

Watch this space for more details…..!!!

 Henry and Paula showing how a charged balloon can deflect a thin stream of water.

Divya "burning" paper without the paper actually burning!! How is this possible??

Yashica doing the same as Divya above but with a lot bigger flame. But why doesn't the paper burn?

Below Bhavesh "detonates" the flour bomb constructed by students of 3rd ESO. (Thanks boys and girl).

Finally Isabel and Priyanka make an explosive and bubbly cocktail. 
My ears are still ringing!!

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